Friday, June 03, 2005


American Beer : Hercules Double IPA

It is Friday night- and I am going nowhere. But I have invited an American encounter to my little apartment. His name is Hercules Double IPA, arriving in Oslo via the Copenhagen beer specialty shop Høkeren all the way from Denver, Colorado. From the Great Divide Brewing Company, to be more precise.

Vow, oh my Gawd... He may be from a micro, but we are talking about an unashamed macro beer here. Aspiring to be godly, in fact. A war god, actually, punching you in your face with his aggressive hop aroma and flavour, giving you wings with his 9.1% alcohol strength. Don't mess about with this guy- his backbone may be a toffee-like malt flavour, but he demands you to be a fundamentalist hop worshipper. No compromises made, 85 IBUs scored. (OK, some Europeans may argue that he is slightly unbalanced, even lacking finesse. But who says that raw hop muscle cannot be appetizing sometimes?)

Check him (and his smaller brothers) out at You may become a believer.

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