Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Belgian Beer: Blown Away by Blaugies

You could take it literally. The big bottles from the little brewery of Blaugies, 300 metres from the French border in the Wallony province of Hainaut (even with the address of Rue de la Frontière), does represent a hazard to your health.

First of all, you have to survive the uncorking process- remove the wire and keep the bottleneck pointed away from yourself (unless you're a masochist, that is). The cork may come out rather violently. However, the danger is not over. Once you have tasted La Moneuse or its Christmas version or their Saison d'Epeautre you might become addicted. These are dangerously tasty beers.

Moreover, their availability is rather limited. Luckily, one source would be De Bier Tempel, the most professional and most easily accessible speciality beer shop in Brussels, located a stone's throw from Grand' Place at Rue Marché Aux Herbes, a must-see for any beer tourist to Belgium. They even have a shop in Brugge now (which is, in my view, better stocked and organised than the original outlet in Brussels).

The Blaugies beers are mostly original (and spiced) versions of the traditional Hainaut beer style of saison. The wheat with all its proteines is a likely contributor to the fantastic head.

It certainly made my head spin...

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