Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Borough Beer Boutique: Utobeer

Little did I know about London Bridge except that it once was falling down, at least according to the children's nursery rhyme.

Truth is that there are actually some real goodies hidden in its near vicinity. Next to Southwark Cathedral there is a cathedral to high quality produce. Every Friday and Saturday the Borough Market opens its gates, conveniently located a few metres from the Southwark Street exit of the London Bridge tube station. Just make sure you hit it before closing times at 6 pm on Fridays and 4 pm on Saturdays.

Most relevant for the beer tourist is what may be the best outlet for quality beers in London, at least when it comes to selection, the Utobeer stall. I have a suspicion that the selection may vary a bit from day to day, but I spotted several interesting French, German, Belgian and American brews as well as British beers. The stall owners are enthusiastic and knowledgable, too.

After a literally heavy shopping spree at Utobeer there are good pubs nearby like the Market Porter to help you regain your strength. And you may need it-the selection at Utobeer is no child's play for a beer tourist with a limited luggage allowance and a human back.

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