Wednesday, December 14, 2005


A Bavarian Bierstube in Britain

Bavarians have got a new meeting point in London. Just a few weeks ago Bavarian Beerhouse opened in 190 City Road, just a stone's throw from Old Street tube station (and en route to The Wenlock Arms). Opening hours are good, from 11 to 11 all days of the week, and they also serve Bavarian food.

Now just before Christmas you are greeted by a big plastic Santa at the entrance. Downstairs in the basement is the bierstube with appropriate long tables covered by light-blue and white plastic tablecloths; the same pattern is found again on the small skirts and blouses of the waitresses. Did I mention the oompah music in the background?

Now, this may sound like a Disneyland version of a bierstube, but the place is actually run by Germans and seemed to be visited mostly by Germans. No surprise then that thirty seconds after 2 pm the whole staff moved in to remove the brunch buffet- it is only served until 2. Ordnung muss sein.

Bavarian it may be, but the Beerhouse did not quite live up to expectations. Only seven different, rather easily available German beers, is not exactly overwhelming, if you ask me. After a hearty serving of Leberknödelsuppe- liver dumplings soup- and just one beer I therefore hit the City road again.

Everytime I read posts like these I wish I :-) Look forward to you future posts.
If I lived in London, I would perhaps seek out a place like this once in a while, but when I visit for a few days, I go for British beer. (Perhaps I could be persuaded to have a Belgian beer, then).
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