Friday, December 30, 2005


Elaborating on Essen

I have already presented what is essentially just the essence of the Essen Kerstbierfestival. With so many beer enthusiasts present I thought I would share some of their links with you, just in case my report did not entice you to consider Essen for next December.

The picture on the left is not my own; it is from the appetizing picture report on the festival by Filip Geerts- Belgian beer enthusiast par excellence- published on the Zythos homepage.

For a detailed review of the festival and everything around it few can beat John White's account of the event. His homepage is a treasure house of knowledge about Belgian beer. Enjoy!

Many thanks for the link to my White Beer Travels website, which I have discovered today, and of course, for the kind comments; your blog is excellent.

I provide a reciprocal link at:
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