Sunday, January 22, 2006


The Danes Are Coming!

Becoming a beer tourist is no hard choice for a craft beer enthusiast in Norway. It is a necessity. Visitors to Norway are horrified by the price level in general and on alcohol in particular. If they can afford a little more time here, they will also learn the system of state liquor stores, Vinmonopolet, which takes care of retail sales of all alcoholic beverages stronger than 4.75% ABV.

The price level is one thing - it does not seem to deter the relatively affluent Norwegians. Unlike the similar system in Sweden, the Systembolaget, the Vinmonopolet never seemed to care much about their beer side of the business, though things may gradually be changing.

One example is the craft brew revolution at our neighbours to the south, that seemed to have escaped unnoticed by the purchasing staff at the Vinmonopolet, which until recently only had 1 Danish craft brew in store, the excellent Limfjordsporter.

But in their January release two new Danish craft brews were suddenly made available, both from Husbryggeriet Jacobsen, Carlsberg's own microbrewery in Copenhagen. With Carlsberg's ties with the Norwegian mass market brewer Ringnes, it is hardly surprising that the Jacobsen brews are the first to appear.

The beers are a solid Dark Lager and a somewhat disappointing IPA. The bottles are a joy for the eye, a prime example of Danish design, inspired by the lighthouse at Valby near the brewery.

The Danes are coming, and this time they are more than welcome!

They are welcome, but beers from real micros in Denmark would have been even more welcome! I have so far only managed to taste a few, but be sure I will be back for more. (If Scandinavian Airlines get their act toghether!)
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