Wednesday, January 04, 2006


The Great Microbar

The British love understatement. London's Microbar must be a prime example in that regard. Not only does the name indicate a small affair, its web site hardly does much to promote this place either.

It may not be the most easily accessible bar in London, situated a good 15 minutes walk away from the nearest tube station in Clapham, at 14 Lavender Hill, and open only from 6 pm on weekdays (from 4 pm on Fridays) and from 2 pm on weekends. Clapham Common would be your tube station of choice unless you fancy a slightly longer walk from Clapham North, allowing you to pass by a Bierodrome in 44-48 Clapham High Street on the way.

For a beer tourist to London the Microbar is a must. A great selection of beers, mostly imported quality brews from the Lowlands, Germany and America, all served in a stylish yet relaxed atmosphere. The owner is not only friendly, but also very knowledgeable. The comfortable leather chairs are not the only reason why you may find it hard to leave again.

Microbar is a bar for microbrews, and that is a great concept!

Hmmmm. It looks like they only have Belgian, German, and US beer, at least if the menu on their web site is anything to go by. Is that true?

Personally, I've tasted lots of Belgian, German, and US beer, in fact, those are the areas of the globe outside Norway that I've covered the best. So when I'm in London I'd really like to find English beer. I take it Microbar is not the place for me, right?

(I'm asking because I hope to return to London soon, and want to be well prepared. :-)
Belgian, Dutch and German beers admittedly outnumber the English ones, but do not take their web site too literally. The owner himself admitted that the web site was a project he never really followed up on. They have a lot more than is evident from the web site- the web site itself does not really make you want to go out of the way! I think there are quite a few English beers on the menu as well (but probably a lot less than at The Wenlock Arms). By the way, as London is a city I end up coming back to again and again, I look forward to reading your report on the beer scene there.
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