Saturday, April 22, 2006


LA Beer Bar Base: T.H. Brewster

In the vast metropolitan area of LA finding a good base is essential for exploring the beer scene. One good choice is Four Points LAX by Sheraton. It brands itself as The Beer Hotel, thus setting it apart from the dozens of other hotels lined up near Los Angeles International Airport- LAX. Its claim to fame is T.H. Brewster's, the hotel bar that serves up craft beers from America and beyond.

True, there are many better beer bars in Los Angeles. Also, passion for (and knowledge of) beer was not the most obvious feature among the bar's Hispanic staff. Inconvenient for this beer tourist was the change in dates for the monthly Beer Appreciation Night since the hotel last updated their web page.

Still, it makes for a perfect last place of call to reflect on the day’s event and enjoy a jolly good night-cap. And many of the American micros on offer at the hotel bar have enough power in them to put a jet-lagged tourist to sleep. As if the great beds and the surprisingly quiet rooms (given the pretty good view of the cockpit of incoming planes) did not already help you get your beauty sleep. (You might already have guessed that the area around the hotel does not score high on charm.)

An added bonus is the proximity to the LAX City Bus Center situated 400 metres away (as well as the Burger King just across the road for cheap fillings until midnight). And if you insist on driving, all the big car rental companies are just a few blocks away on the same road, the appropriately named Airport Boulevard.

A high four points goes to the wonderful North Coast Old Stock Ale, enjoyed at T.H. Brewster. The place deserves a similar high rating.

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