Thursday, April 27, 2006


Naja's, Naturally!

Naja's Place is a natural choice for beer tourists visiting LA. You may call it the no 2 beer bar in the LA area (after Stuffed Sandwich), and much easier to reach.
Attractively situated at 154 International Boardwalk, which can be seen as an extension of the Redondo Beach Pier complex, you are just feet away from the Pacific Ocean, represented here by the yacht harbour.

The interior is a bit rough. The music and the food, well indeed the whole atmosphere is miles apart from the family atmosphere prevailing at Stuffed Sandwich. But as at Stuffed Sandwich this is a place that takes it beers seriously. The beer list boasts several vintage beers in addition to the impressive 77 tap beers- making a great choice for samplers- I think you can get 4 for 6 dollars. Some of the vintage beers are sold only with Owner Approval, according to their bottle menu, but in practice it may take quite a bit of convincing for owner Jason to part with any of his older bottles from Alesmith or Stone's. But it is absolutely worth the effort!

The great selection of strong West Coast micros was warming on a cold March evening. Mind you, with only open doors and thin windows separating you from the forces of nature their strong spirit is just what you need.

After a nice session at Naja's Place it is nice to know that there is a good bus service back to LAX City Bus Center. Bus no 232 from Long Beach will bring you there safely from the crossroads between Torrance Blvd and Pacific Coast Highway in around 40 minutes. The bus stop itself is a sobering ten minute walk from the Redondo Beach Pier.

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