Friday, April 28, 2006


On Foot for Lambic Au Fût

Or lambiek van 't vat- lambik from the tap. In Brussels, more specifically in the Anderlecht municipality near the Brussel Zuid station, you can go directly to one source of it. The Cantillon brewery is open every day and is billed as Het Brussels Museum van de Geuze. You can wander around and see the brewery, have a beer at the bar and buy their excellent products at a good price.

Once in the area around the station you may want to drop by Au Laboureur at no 3, Grondwetplaats/Place de la Constitution. Like so many establishments in this part of town you will find a solid Mediterreanean influence - charming, exciting and with its large Morroccan population not without dangers at nighttime.

With your back to the Zuid station you will see the enormous Justitie Paleis on the top of the hill and below it one of the best areas for lambiek in the capital- the genuine De Marollen (Marolles) district. Ploegmans and Het Warm Water- the latter with home-made faro based on Girardin lambiek- are places to seek out.

Unfortunately, many tourists do not venture outside the compact old city centre, but there is hope even for them. Almost next to the Beurs, in Rue Tabora no 11, is the La Bécasse- a Brussels institution serving Zoete (sweet) Lambiek (as well as Witte Lambiek) from Timmermans on tap. The former is essentially a faro made especially for this café- the Witte Lambiek (a wit bier made from spontaneous fermentation) is more commercially available. The café oozes history, with lambiek served from traditional mugs. De Girardin faro served at het Warm Water may be more complex and there are few, if any, Brusselaars in the café, but it is still a highly recommended stop.

With fûts like these just feet away from the Beurs (a stone's throw from Grand' Place) you will easily find your feet in Brussels.

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