Sunday, May 07, 2006


Busy Office

Now that the sun is finally appearing in this polar country people cannot get out of the office soon enough. Father's Office in sunny California does not seem to be suffering from the same mentality.

It is not only because Americans spend longer hours in the office than most Europeans. Father's Office happens to be one of the best beer bars in the LA area.

The crowd, though, seems to be more of prospective office-workers. Located at 1018 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica the UCLA campus is not that far away. The bar does not open until 5 pm on most weekdays, 4 pm on Fridays and 3 pm in the weekend. Arriving at 3.30 pm one Sunday afternoon (by Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus no 3) the place was already packed with young beerlovers. America's craft beer scene seems to have a bright future!

The beer menu features some 20 craft breweries, mostly from the Golden State- an appropriate name in this regard. Hennepin, a saison from the excellent Ommegang farmhouse brewery in upstate New York, was one of few brews to have crossed the continent. Still a great selection and with no boring macro brew as far as I could see.

Now this is an office I could spend time in!

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