Sunday, August 20, 2006


Brew Wharf And The Dwarf

The Borough district of London sees a lot brewing these days. I have on several occasions praised the Utobeer market stall at the splendid Borough Market, with stuff to fill a connoisseur's wettest dreams (craft beers and good wines, I suppose), not to mention his stomach.

The nearby Brew Wharf brewpub is a recent addition to the area's attractions, and it does not disappoint unless you desire your bar brown and nicotine-stained; it is sleek and modern with three big rooms under the railway arches and a patio facing the market. I found their Best a nice surprise with its fruity and malty nose. Very bitter throughout, showing off fruity flavours as well as a very dry finish with a touch of wood. Not unusual for a (best) bitter it had a small head and was rather light-bodied.

Brew Wharf is also one of few places to find a wide range of Meantime brews, either among the 25 bottled beers or from the 7 taps of the brewpub.

That small can be beautiful should be evident for all lovers of craft beer. A couple of weeks ago the smallest bar in the British capital opened its doors, but it could well prove to be one of the best. With supplies and know-how from Utobeer and promising Thomas Hardy Ale on cask The Rake is definitely included on this beer tourist's shortlist for his next trip to London in a month's time. Situated between the Southwark Cathedral and Vinopolis/Brew Wharf in 14, Winchester Walk the bar is open every day except for Mondays and opening early on Saturdays. On Sundays it opens at noon.

With a microbar and a microbrewery Borough is certainly no dwarf in the beer world!

Two very welcome additions to an area that was attractive in the first place. I like to arrive via the Millennium bridge and start with a pint of Young's Special in the Founders Arms, next to the Tate Modern.
Then it is only a question whether one should go on a Friday and Saturday, when the market is open and the pubs are packed, but at the same time you can lunch on fantastic snacks like wild boar sausages.
And if you want some cheese to match the ales you buy, go to Neal's Yard Diary, only a few feet away, where they have the most amazing mature cheddar and stilton!
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