Friday, October 06, 2006


On the Narrow Path

The Rake is one of the latest beer bars of interest in London. The address is Winchester Walk, a lane connecting the spirit with spirits- the Southwark Cathedral with the Vinopolis.

It is just behind the Borough Market, even sharing some of its facilities. Yet it is surprisingly quiet compared to other pubs in the vicinity. Appearantly, few seems to have found the narrow path to Beerdom.

Maybe just as well, as the place is one of the tiniest around- only helped by a beer garden that is almost double the size of the interior.

You are probably not there for the interior and its design, anyway. Brass enthusiasts should definitely stay away- the furniture is IKEA-style wood and, appropriately, space economical. What is more important are the treasures behind the bar- several taps (including two handpumps reserved for changing ales- Dark Star Hophead and Over the Moon during my visit) and not least a fridge tempting you with a view of more than 100 different bottles. These represent some of the finest beers around, many imported, as you would expect from a pub owned by the people behind the Utobeer market stall.

For now The Rake is closed on Mondays, but this is said to change. Rumours also say that there may be new Rake's opening around town in the near future, specifically near The Tower of London and later on near Covent Garden. With The Rake Londoners have got a highway, not only to Helles, but to most of the world's major beer styles.

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